No, this is not an insurance plan. Our discount plans provide you with discounted prices on a wide range of health care services and products. You will pay for services at the discounted price at the time services are received.

First, you can find participating providers by using the "Provider Search" page on this website or by calling Member Services at (844) 442-5622. After confirming the provider's continued participation when making an appointment, members just show their membership card at the time of service. Members are responsible for paying all fees directly to the provider.

Yes, one of the wonderful features of our discount plans is that your entire household can receive the discounts, even children living at college!

Yes, your membership can be used at any participating provider in the United States.

You can find participating providers for the discount plan by visiting the "Provider Search" web page on this website or calling Member Services at (844) 442-5622.

After you have successfully become a member, either by joining on the web site or calling (844) 442-5622, you will receive your membership materials and membership cards in about 7 – 10 days. If you need to use your plan prior to your membership cards arriving, you can give our member services team a call at (844) 442-5622 so that they can provide you with your member ID number over the phone and assist in getting you access to your plan.

If you need additional cards for your household, or have lost your card, please call Member Services at (844) 442-5622. We will be happy to send additional cards to you.

You may go to the provider of your choice. However, you will only receive a discount by going to a participating provider.

While some ZIP Code areas may have a limited number of providers, there are usually providers within a 50-mile radius of your ZIP Code. You can refer a provider for participation in the network by visiting and selecting "Refer a Provider." The program administrator will contact the provider with information on how to apply to participate in the program. Because of the application and credentialing process, it may take 6 – 12 weeks before a provider is added to the network. Not all providers will agree to accept the discounted fees required by the program.

You will only receive a discount by going to a participating provider. You might try printing out a list of participating providers to share with your doctor or dentist to see if he/she could recommend any of the participating specialist locations.

You can send a copy of your bill and a written letter to the administrator of the plan, Careington International Corporation, Attn: Provider Relations, P.O. Box 2568, Frisco, TX 75034. They will investigate your inquiry, and you will be contacted regarding the findings.

Please submit all issues in writing, including a copy of your bill. You may fax them to 1-800-247-4550, or you may mail them to Careington, Attention: Member Services, 7400 Gaylord Pkwy, Frisco, Texas, 75034. Call Member Services at (844) 442-5622 for assistance.

Another great feature of the discount plan is your ability to select any provider from the network. You can change providers at any time, and household members can select their own providers. Call Member Services at (844) 442-5622 for help finding participating providers.

The providers will recognize the name of the network with which they participate, so when you call, it is important to use the name of the correct network.

Cancellations must be in writing.

Telemedicine Overview

Telemedicine gives you 24/7 access to doctors in your state, even on holidays or while you're traveling.

You can consult with these doctors for common ailments such as a cold and even more severe ailments such as a rash or the flu without ever having to step foot in a doctor's office.

When medically appropriate, telemedicine doctors can also prescribe short-term, non-DEA controlled medications and have them sent to the pharmacy of your choice for added convenience. Telemedicine fits your schedule and makes getting back to your normal routine easy.

How to Access

  1. Go online or call the toll-free number to create and register your account.
  2. Fill out your medical history. Any dependents over 18 will have their own medical profile and be required to fill out their own medical history. Your medical history is required before you can consult with a doctor.
  3. Request a video or telephonic consult either online, over the phone or through the mobile app.

When should I use telemedicine?

While telemedicine can be used for a myriad of non-emergency ailments such as allergies, cold and flu, pink eye and urinary tract infections, telemedicine is not to be used for emergency situations. Should an emergency situation arise, call 911.

How much do telemedicine consultations cost?

Your plan includes free consultations so you will not have to pay any additional fees when you request a telemedicine consultation.

Can I use telemedicine while I'm on the go?

Absolutely! Since traveling can wreak havoc on your immune system, telemedicine is available while you're traveling within the United States.

Are prescriptions guaranteed?

No, prescriptions are not guaranteed. While DialCare doctors can write prescriptions and send them to the pharmacy of your choice, prescriptions are written at the discretion of your doctor. Also, keep in mind that doctors do not write prescriptions for DEA-controlled substances or other classes of medication such as mood-altering drugs, including antidepressants, antianxiety or lifestyle medications.

Contact Information

Mailing Address:

Careington International Corporation
Attention: Member Services
7400 Gaylord Parkway
Frisco, TX 75034

Member Services:

Fax: 1-888-335-7330
Phone: (844) 442-5622

Administered By:

Careington International Corporation
7400 Gaylord Parkway
Frisco, TX 75034